The unusually cold winter here in Poland is starting to break.  I can take my gloves off without feeling frostbit.  I have even been outside with my coat unzipped for the first time.  I decided to enjoy it by just going for a walk.

So in some parts of America today they are celebrating a holiday called “Fat Tuesday.”  It is traditionally a time to use up the last of the lard and sugar that you have at home and enjoy a feast because Lent is about to begin.  During Lent, Catholics fast as a sacrifice to God.  In the European nations there is a celebration similar to Fat Tuesday.  It is called “Fat Thursday.”  Can you guess what the difference is?  I’ll give you a hint.  It’s not on Tuesday.

So in order to celebrate, in spirit, with my American brethren I went out in search of the highlight of every Fat Tuesday: the paczki (sound like “poonch-kee”).  The main difference this year is that I am in Poland, the homeland of the paczki, on Fat Tuesday.  I went to the Market Square, which is lined with street vendors selling baked goods.  Most of them just have bread circles that are cooked with different types of seeds in the crust.  They’re cheap, filling and easy to eat so it’s a good snack for tourists on the go.  I strolled the square looking at what the minimalist bakery stands had to offer.  They pretty much all had the same thing: the bread rings.  But when I got the stand that I usually go to I saw the prized paczki.  In fact, she had a few varieties of them.  I went for the one stuffed with fudge and topped with chocolate and nuts.  I was quite satisfied with my choice.

I was just walking around enjoying my paczki and Diet Coke in true American fashion when all of a sudden I heard a commotion.  I nearly dropped my paczki but there was no way that was going to happen.  Instead, I finished it quick and got out my camera so I could get a little video of the pigeon shenanigans that were happening right outside the market.  Here it is:

Well, that was my adventure this morning.  Now I am headed out to take care of a few things that may not be considered “adventurous” but who know what might happen along the way, right?  Until next time…