I was walking through the main square in Krakow, Poland’s Old Town when I realized that pictures just didn’t give a feel of what it was like to be here.  So I made a little video as I walked around the square and through the market.  The video starts in front of the Adam Mickiewicz Monument.  From there you get a look at the Saint Mary’s Basilica.  Then we take a quick tour through the Sukkienice, or Cloth Hall.  On the other side of the hall we see the Old Town Tower and, finally, we end at the “Eros Bendato,” or “Sideways Head.”  Here is the link to the video:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kN0I-ka_pnI&feature=youtu.be

I hope you enjoy it and I am working on a little “Best Of” piece for later this evening.