So I did a little research on the locks that line Father Bernard’s Footbridge here in Krakow.  This bridge is also known as “The Lovers Bridge” and it follows a tradition that has been going on for years now in large cities throughout Europe, like Paris and Rome.  The padlocks are decorated by a happy couple who, after a short ceremony attaching the locks to the bridge, throw the key into the Vistula River.  The endurance of these locks is said to symbolize, and some claim create, everlasting love.  The tradition began in Krakow in 2010 after the 700 ton steel arched pedestrian bridge was completed.  The bridge replaced the Charles Bridge, which was destroyed by a flood that devastated the city in 1813.  Let’s hope this new bridge has a longer lifespan than its thirteen year old predecessor or there just might be a lot of broken hearts in the old Polish Royal Capitol.