After a heaping plate of spaghetti in the kitchen/common area I started talking to some of the guys I have befriended here in Dublin.  A large group of them from Brazil were drinking beers, playing cards, and getting ready to head out to Temple Bar.  Then Vinny said, “Do you know anyone who plays guitar?”  I have been missing my guitar nearly as much as my miss my dog so I excitedly answered in the affirmative.

Just then Donnell, the hostel’s owner, came in and asked one of the guys for some help on Facebook.  Well, let’s just say the guy was not a lot of help in the state he was in.  I volunteered my Facebook expertise and went into the television room to help him out.  There I met a percussionist from Portugal and a singer from Cork.  Before long Donnell said I could grab his guitar from behind the front desk if I wanted to play.

By the time I got ahold of the six string I could hear strumming from out in the courtyard.  We all filed out and the woman from Cork requested that we play “Zombie” by The Cranberries.  I vaguely remembered the song and it didn’t take long before all three guitarists were strumming along while the Corkite let loose with her pipes, complete with fluttering falsetto. As we sounded the final notes of the song a smile crept over all our faces.  One of the Brazilians immediately began “Tonight’s Gonna Be a Good Night,” and that set the tone for the evening.  Every song we played gathered more singers as they came out of their rooms and into the open yard.  Some even sang along out their windows to avoid the frigid Dublin air.

By one it was time for the club hoppers among us to head out.  Donnell and I walked with them to Temple Bar for the good company and conversation.  Then we broke off and grabbed a burger before I headed back to the hostel and Donnell headed home.  I had spent all day roaming the streets of Dublin looking for an adventure and, though I had a lot of fun, never found it.  But while eating a plate of spaghetti in a public kitchen adventure found me.  Who’d have thought?